We help small businesses create a presence by developing a website. We want our customers to express the feeling of their company via their website. If you have a Wix website already and want changes made, or if you want any older website redesigned, we do this also. 


We want to make sure your website captures and converts customers immediately, so we practically insist our clients supply a video and we will put in on the top half of the first page where any visitor will see it. It is known that if a visitor does not get attracted to your website in 8 seconds, they will leave, so this is essential.

Our aim is in making you effective in getting customers for your business, so it is not our primary intent to simply use pleasing colours and images. We can model the websites of successful companies like Amazon's if you like.

We are writers, so we help create the text if necessary. We have access to stock photos, and can do e-commerce, so if you want a fabulous first website within about two weeks, we highly recommend you ask us more about helping you.


About 70% of people will view your website on a mobile

phone, so we prepare a mobile friendly website.


Whether you are a one-person show or a medium-sized company with plenty of employees, we want to help you. ​If you want a beautiful 4-5 page website or larger, we can create one for you. We can do menus and sub-menus, galleries of products, artwork or other photographs, and animation or special effects. We can also display multi-page pdfs. We can go with your ideas and colour schemes, or suggest ones for you. And we have access to many photographs of all kinds that we can suggest for your business.

If you have a logo, we can put it at the top of every page, and on the footer as well, and we can put in buttons to click to your contact page, or any other page, anywhere you want. You can have an email form and we can set it up on your contact page so people can send messages to you from your website. And if you're selling things, we can get into e-commerce for you. Or chat boxes.


    Work With Your Schedule

    Discuss Your Ideas With You

    Design and Development 

    Extra Photographs 

    Copy Writing and Editing


    Precision Work 

    Color Selection 

    Google and SEO 

​We usually work using email and phone, but can meet with you for an in-person consultation. We keep in touch very often while we're working on your project in order to keep you part of the process.

We try to keep things simple for you by charging a package fee that we decide on at the beginning with you for web design and creation, which we will discuss on the phone. In addition, we will let you know the charge from the Internet company for website hosting, and can represent you with them.

- usually a two-week timeframe

- at the start and ongoing

- create a fabulous website!

- we'll locate additional photos for you

- write the text you need, with your input

- we'll check your writing, and ours!

- we know what looks good

- shades of color are complementary

- we’ll get you set up on search engines


Teya France Web Design

Vancouver, BC, Canada V5R 5P4    |    604-765-7571